I promise to bring good education, affordable healthcare, and a decent living wage back to this great district.


Our Challenge, Our Opportunity

The single greatest challenge to the American dream is now our 115th Congress. America’s shrinking middle class has been abandoned by the very people charged with protecting us. 

Our Education system is being eviscerated as the need for higher education is quickly becoming the key to accessing a middle class lifestyle. Wages are being driven downward and our cost of living is being driven upwards, all while congress votes to take healthcare from millions. 

I do not believe that it needs to be this way. Together we can work to increase access to healthcare and education opportunities, as well as to incentivize corporate investment in workers to raise wages.


“Education, at all levels, is the single best investment we can make in America’s future.”

— joe mackey


I invite you to support my campaign for Indiana’s 4th Congressional seat and together we can improve the lives of our hard working Hoosier families.

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Our campaign is only as strong as our volunteers - the wonderful people of Indiana's fourth district. Sign up today and help us strengthen this community!

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