I believe education, at all levels, is the single best investment we can make in America’s future

Just 1.7%

Increase in 2017 school corp funding in our district


School lunches in our district are free or reduced price


Increased cost of public two-year college in Indiana since 2011


I believe making higher education affordable, for everyone, is a matter of importance equal to our national security. Every Hoosier student should be able to look forward to achieving their dream of pursuing higher education, not abandoning them due to ever increasing cost. If your congressional representative candidate tells you that surrendering your children’s education is good for the country: FIRE THEM!


My plan for education



I will fight to tie all educational loans and debt consolidation to the prime interests rate of the Federal Reserve, and to make every American’s first two years of higher education free


I will work to fund all after school programs currently under attack by Secretary of Education Betsy DeVoss


I believe in the nutritional lunch program and will ensure that no child goes hungry at school