Healthcare is a human right, everything that follows this premise is simply an accounting issue.


People with preexisting conditions in our district


Hoosiers would lose healthcare without ACA


Hoosier children would lose healthcare as well


As a pediatric cancer activist, I understand fully what Hoosier life was like with preexisting conditions prior to the Affordable Care Act (ACA). I remember ceiling caps on insurance coverage and the damage this provision caused innocent Indiana residents. I will not stand quietly by and allow Americans to be forced back into the living hell that was our healthcare system before the ACA. If your congressional representative comes home and tells you surrendering your family’s healthcare is good for the country: FIRE THEM!


My plan for healthcare



Even with good health insurance working people can not afford catastrophic health events. I will help craft a program that protects working families from financial devastation related to healthcare.


I will work with hospital associations, physicians, and scientists who know that universal healthcare coverage is required in order to achieve this goal


Profits over people must be relegated to history. It is time for America to join every other advanced nation on earth and provide a single payer, medicare-for-all system so that every citizen has access to healthcare and I will work to make that happen.