For millions, the American dream has become a pipe dream. Congress should incentivize employee reinvestment!


Of the 4th district earns below the poverty level


Increase in worker productivity since 1973

Just 9.2%

Increase in worker compensation since 1973


As a free market Democrat, I believe we can move the 4th Congressional district in the direction of creating long-term and higher paying jobs, thereby pressuring lower wages upward without a wage mandate. Ultimately, this challenging work will benefit all of us and together we will change the direction our country is moving. If your congressional representative candidate tells you corporate tax rate should go down without businesses giving more to their communities and employees: FIRE THEM!


My plan for jobs, wages, and tax reform


If we want to create jobs and increase wages we need to use the power of government to drive positive behaviors from the business community!


I believe we can build a federal tax incentive program to drive corporate profits into employee reinvestment. This program would be called TIER, or Tax Incentives for Employee Reinvestment


TIER would restrict full access to existing tax breaks for businesses based on the percentage of profits the business reinvested in its community and employees


Divestment of American employment would result in the loss of TIER benefits, disincentivizing corporations from moving business away from America